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Re: dir permissions

On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 01:15:59AM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> > If I have to recompile all of my games which use ~/.foorc or ~/.foo/bar
> > and move everything around, I will be somewhat annoyed.  It might be a
> > good thng to do anyway (I have some 200+ dotfiles/dotdirs in ~) but I will
> > still be annoyed.  =)
> If all goes well you don't need to change anything.
> However, if you have the games already installed and they have already 
> created ~/.game files then those files would have to be labelled 
> appropriately when SE Linux is installed (which would be a bit of a pain).  
> Labelling the files is equivalent to chown, so imagine that you had to chown 
> the game config files in your home directory without changing the rest.  It's 
> annoying, it'll take 10 minutes, but it will provide serious security 
> benefits.

Right, okay, no worries then.  I've not had time to read up on or play
with SELinux much, and was not sure I recalled this to be the case or not.
Thanks for setting me (and potentially others) straight..

> Like many things about SE Linux this may sound difficult, but once you know 
> how it works and try it out it'll seem easy enough.

Just like anything worthwhile.

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