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Re: dpkg-source v2

On 21 Jul 2002 17:14:20 -0400
Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> wrote:

> Enter dpkg-source v2.

> * Summary of new features in dpkg-source2
> ** Supports more compression/archive types (.tar.bz2, .zip)
> ** debian/ directory is stored as a tarball, not as a diff.
> This means you can include binary files like .pngs.
> ** Integrated patch application into source unpacking process.
> The directory debian/patches will be examined for patches to apply.
> ** Regular text as well as xdelta patches supported.
>  Note: xdelta support has not been extensively tested yet.
> ** Supports multiple upstream source packages.
> ** Can generate patches, for placement into debian/patches directory.
> ** Clean, extensible, class-based implementation architecture.

Thats looks like a pretty good improvment.

Another thing i would like to see addressed is making greater use of the
.dsc file by placing information about the binary files in there as well.

Increasing the size of all the .dsc wouldnt make any significant change to
the size of the archive, and would make the metadata more accessable,
perhaps removing some of the purden that is currently placed on the flat
Packages and Sources files.

Its only the dependencies that need arent known till after build time,
everything else could go in the .dsc


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