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Bug#153208: wnpp: ITP: sdcc -- Small Device C Compiler - CVS version

Package: wnpp
Version: N/A
Severity: wishlist

SDCC is a C compiler for the Intel MCS51 family, AVR and Z80
microcontrollers. The package includes the compiler, assemblers
and linkers, and a core library.

Available from: http://sdcc.sourceforge.net

LICENSE: SDCC is released under version 2 of the GNU Public License

There is already a package of SDCC in the Debian archive, this is the latest 
stable version. However, it is now a little bit old (september 2001), and a lot
of people are using the CVS version, which add a lot of new features (for
example a compiler for the Microchip PIC), but which lacks with the 
documentation, and may have some bugs.

Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux aurel32 2.4.19-rc1 #1 ven jui 12 01:17:38 CEST 2002 i686 unknown

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