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Re: Definite menu code rewrite

On Jul 18, Moshe Zadka wrote:
> Though "he who makes the code makes the rules", let me nonetheless
> offer my votes: either Python (preferable) or Perl. In both cases,
> you have no need to document the *syntax* someone with way more
> time and (without offering any insult) way more competent has done
> it. Let me even suggest that instead of dictating a language, just
> offer either a Perl or a Python library doing most of the stuff.

Yes, that was my thought exactly.  My Perl is far too rusty for me to
offer a library for it, but I figure my Python implementation should
be comprehensible enough that anyone who can read code could figure
out how to make a Perl version too.  (That way, everyone who has to
make a menu-method file gets to choose which one is best for them.)
For all I care, you could write your menu-method file using Intercal
or Tcl; just as long as it works :-)

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