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3c5x9setup and isapnptools Abacus Portsentry License about the base section (was Re: gettext packages) Adding a global UID/GID? Add "nice -10" to /etc/crontab run-parts commands? Adoption of the FHS Advantages of distributions for companies? Advice for upstream incompatibilities An 'ae' testimony Re: An 'ae' testimony (suggestion) Re: An 'ae' testimony (SUMMARY) alternative man page reader? Alternatives in /bin (Was: Re: Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport)) Re: Alternatives in /bin (Was: Re: Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport)) Apache 1.3.6-9, doesn't seem to compile? Apologies (2) Apologize apt-get install wordperfect? archive package file broken? [ Bug#37349: qt1g needs urgent recompile for potato] aspell an autoconf question better /etc/init.d/network BrickHouse Beta Linux article (fwd) Re: Bug#33262: xlib6g now depends on xfree86-common (?) Bug#34579: Removing ncsa from the dist? Re: Bug#35092: Release-critical Bugreport Re: Bug#37345: PROPOSAL] Adopt the FHS in place of FSSTND Re: Bug#37424: purging lynx deletes /etc/lynx even if lynx-ssl is there Re: Bug#37602: apt: Segfault at the end of apt-get Re: Bug#37606: /var/spool/texmf/ls-R unwritable Bug#37755: general: Woes from upgrading 2.0 -> 2.1 Re: Bug#37789: libssl09: version incompatibility Bug#38055: general: Wmss depends on the unavailable package libwraster1. Bug#38057: general: libgtop0: Depends: libglib1.1.13 (>= 1.1.13-1) but it is not installable Re: Bug#38544: gettext: split package into -base and -dev Bugs graph Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport) build cluster for all architectures. CALL for PAM support capabilities cdgrab on hold? read this (Re: Intent To Package: cd-discid) Changes to the archive a Chinese version of X-window system for Linux available choices for autobuilder, and how to sign the changes files then chrony 1.1 prerelease Re: Cleaning Pekka's stuff from the BTS Re: cnews, inews, and nntp packages available Communicator - glibc2.1 breakage (COMPATIBILITY) Correct non-US solution Compilation problems compile/link problems with glibc 2.1 Compiling wordinspect for potato Configurator Panel CoolEdit Text Editor Corel Setup Design Proposal correct apt deb line for non-us? CORRECTION: weekly policy summary Creating a dynamic group `jazip' (or not)? Current problems with libc6_2.1.1-2 cvs-inject vs. orig.tar.gz CVS version of samba not glibc 2.1 ready? Howto downgrade? debbugs not on Freshmeat? Re: DebHelpers V2 debhelper v2 The last update was on 19:51 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2552 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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