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Re: 3c5x9setup and isapnptools

On Sun, 16 May, 1999, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
>    After my recent experience gettying my new 3COM EtherLink III cards to
>    work, I would like to suggest that 3c5x9setup be included in the
>    isapnptools package. It is composed of a single .c source file with an
>    embedded copyright notice licensing it under the GPL. I would be willing
>    to write a man page from the .html file provided, if Frederic Lepied would
>    be willing to include the two in the isapnptools package. I think this is
>    a better place for this than trying to build another package around this
>    simple program.
> The corresponding program for configuring Western Digital and SMC
> Ethernet cards (wdsetup) is in netstd.  Perhaps this is the approved
> place for such tools?

Wow, I have an SMC Ultra, and I never knew about this program must have a
play. I have a similar program to get my sound card working. It is a PCI
OPTi 931 and it has to have values pushed into its registers to convice it to 
work. The interface is a bit basic though, with some work and a man page it 
could probably end go in isapnptools (if that is the right place).

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