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Re: Adoption of the FHS

would be nice to have the compatibility stuff in one seperate package.
e.g. one package, that symlinks /usr/share/doc to /usr/doc,
/usr/share/man to /usr/man, /usr/share/info to /usr/info.

remember that we want to get rid of the old stuff at some point, and this
should be as smoth as possible. doing many packages twice (one dual mode
package, one new) will not help.

debhelper could inster into every postinst/rm a 
if test -f /usr/sbin/fhscompatmgr

with the automatic insertion, you only need to make sure your debhelper is
up-to-date. later, in the next version after potato, the mechanism
can be remove in debhelper, so new packages will not have it.

few changes to every package, except useing new debhelper. and you
need the new debhelper anyway, since it does the automatic
manpage installation and such stuff.


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