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Re: (LONG) Correct non-US solution

How do you figure Joey?  Some countries will let us distribute patented
stuff... other countries will let us distribute crypto stuff...  The scheme
proposed does do away with non-US, by making its original functionality so
fine-grained that it disappears into the rest of the distribution.  Or am I
missing something here?

And, according to comments I've heard from others, you are wrong.  Most
countries outside the US *do* allow export of crypto, so our situation would
change pretty dramatically. suddenly a lot more currently "non-US" packages
would be on a lot more mirrors, and thus harder to stamp out, and the laod
would be much better distributed among our mirrors.  Again, am I missing
something here?


On Mon, 17 May 1999, Joey Hess wrote:
> Well then your proposal doesn't do away with the non-us division. Every
> county except the few like the netherlands is going to be in essentially the
> same situation they are in now.

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