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Re: An 'ae' testimony

morpheus@rpglink.com (Steve Lamb)  wrote on 22.05.99 in <E10lNgS-0000X2-00@rpglink.com>:

> I could settle for ae *if* the keys were rethought a little, putting
> movement together, gross movement together, editing together in some
> mnemonic fashion which is somewhat obvious with the help up there.  For
> example, ^E, ^S, ^D, ^X for up, left, right, down respectively.  It looks
> odd, but those keys are grouped together on the left hand in a diamond which
> lends itself to an obvious use once one looks at it.  Then place word
> left/right on ^A/^F. Things like that.

And suddenly you get a wordstar clone :-)

Actually, I like it. Even though wordstar key logic is hurt by  
international keyboard layouts (German switches y and z, France I think  
switches q and a or something like that).

At least I know most wordstar keybindings from working with Borland Pascal  

Now if you really want to irritate people, try DOS WordPerfect bindings,  
the key bindings from hell. Just about everything is Fx, shift-Fx, control- 
Fx or alt-Fx, top of file is home-home-home-uparrow and end of file is  
home-home-home-downarrow or some weirdness like that, and so on ... not  
even Emacs manages to be *that* horrible.

MfG Kai

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