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Hello, I am a member of Debian JP and use potato with
kernel 2.2.5.

When I try to make TeX format file of a Japanized LaTeX
with PS fonts support, there occur some errors concerning
PS fonts.

After some examinations, I found some inconsistency
as follows.

In /usr/share/texmf/fontname/texfonts.map it is
read /usr/share/texmf/fontname/adobe.map and there
are settings like (about Times-Roman, for example)

ptmr8a    Times-Roman                       A    0.4    tir_____

but there is no ptmr8a.tfm in the system, even no ptmr8a.*
Note, in old adobe.map, there are settings like

ptmr8r    Times-Roman                       0.4 tir_____

and lptmr8r.tfm exists in the system and no problems

Is this OK or something wrong ?

System Information:

nsx:~$ dpkg -l tetex*
ii  tetex-base      0.9.990406-1   basic teTeX library files
ii  tetex-bin       0.9.990406-1   teTeX binary files
ii  tetex-dev       0.9.990406-1   kpathsea.a and include files for teTeX
ii  tetex-doc       0.9.990406-1   teTeX documentation
ii  tetex-extra     0.9.990406-1   extra teTeX library files
pn  tetex-french    <none>         (no description available)
ii  tetex-lib       0.9.990406-1   shared libkpathsea for teTeX
ii  tetex-nonfree   0.9.990406-1   non-free teTeX library files
ii  tetex-src       0.9.990326-1   teTeX texmf source files

nsx:~$ locate ptmr8

nsx:~$ dpkg -S adobe.map
tetex-base: /usr/share/texmf/fontname/adobe.map

Thanks in advance.   		1999.5.6

 Atsuhito Kohda
 Dep. Math., Tokushima Univ.

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