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an autoconf question

In my package (scwm) there is an hardcoded path in /scheme/themes.scm. I
would like to have a path set from configure, so that I can move the scwm
directories anywhere I want (I plan to move the drectories /usr/share/scwm*
under /usr/share/scwm/scwm*); then I created a scheme/themes.scm.in file like

(define-public theme-path (list "@scwm_themedir@"))

then I added scheme/themes.scm.in to the AC_OUTPUT list.
But when I run configure I obtain

(define-public theme-path (list "${prefix}/share/scwm/scwm-themes"))

(of course a non correct scheme code)

where in configure.in I have


It seems, autoconf expand on a level of variables (it expand 
$datadir=$prefix/share but not $prefix).

So how can I expand completely (even the $prefix part) the variable
scwm_themedir? Of course I would can set
scwm_themedir=$prefix/share/${PACKAGE}/${PACKAGE}-themes, but this would'nt
very clean and It would create problems when setting a different $datadir.
I would like to have an autoconf method, so the generated configure would'nt
need m4 or other preprocessors (I would like to have the change incorporated
in the upstream package). 

Thank you for every answer

Francesco Tapparo                                 tapparo@mat.unimi.it
GNU fanatic                                       cesco@debian.org

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