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Re: Bugs graph

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 04:35:28PM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 03:19:27PM +0100, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > I just had a peep at the bugs graph: it appears that we have about
> > 1000 more non-wishlist bugs than we did before slink's release.  What
> > can we do about this, or is this fairly normal and expected?

I'm *guessing* it's fairly normal and expected. Note that in that time
we've added 180 odd packages to the distribution, incorporated glibc2.1,
PAM, and god knows what other stuff.

Further, you'll note that even with the fairly consistent bug-elimination
tactics we were applying during the slink freeze we weren't really doing
much better than keeping the number of open bugs about steady.

I tried doing some statistics a while ago to see if there were any
particular areas it might be worth fixing, but there didn't seem to
be. Of course, I didn't look particularly hard either.

Also, that graph has a variable scale -- use


for a scale from 0. The trend is still noticable, but it's not 

> is it because prior to slink release, all the potato specific bugs where hold from
> the graph ? Or is this graph stuff not that sophisticated ?

And no, at least my graph stuff's not that sophisticated.


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