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Changes to the archive

I intend to send mails like this regularly from now on, in order to
better inform people about changes in the archive.  Changes made
manually are not normally reported in any other way, except sometimes
in bug-closing messages.

This shouldn't generate much traffic, since manual changes are fortunately
not that frequent.  I won't bother to report stuff like marking new
packages for installation.

I made the following changes to potato today:

  Removed netscape4.07, netscape4.5, and netscape4.51 (and their many
binary packages) from potato-non-free, at their maintainer's request.
This leaves netscape4.08 and netscape4.6 in the archive.
See bug report #37718 for details.

  Removed gstep-xraw, gstep-xraw-examples, gstep-xraw-dev, and gstep-xraw-dbg
from potato (i386 and sparc), they are no longer built by gstep-core.
See bug report #37518 for details.

The zero-length Packages file was caused by a mistake I made yesterday
(I left a dangling symlink in the archive).  The problem will correct
itself tonight automatically.

Richard Braakman

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