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Re: [logrotate] File handling questions.

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> I'm looking at the source to `logrotate'.  It opens the log file, and
> then creates a new file, and does a read/write loop to copy the log
> file over to the new one, then uses `ftrunctate' to truncate the log
> file.

Pardon me while I gag.

> Tell me if I'm wrong... but if the `logrotate' process runs out of
> time, a process switch happens, (or just happens at the same time, on
> an SMP box), then `syslogd' runs and writes to the file, right after
> the copy, but before the truncate, won't there be data loss?

Yes, it's a race.

> I thought what you're supposed to do is `rename(3)' the log file,
> since `rename(3)' is atomic, then create a new file with the original
> name, and then HUP the daemon, which MUST have a signal handler for
> SIGHUP that flags it to close the file descriptor on that logfile,
> then reopen it under the same name.

Or just force a complete restart of the daemon if it doesn't support that,

> Any comments or ideas?

There's a proposal in debian-policy that logrotate be made our preferred log
rotation method. It's pretty close to becomeing an amendment. I don't think
that should happen while logrotate remains so obviously broken. I think we
should take a much closer look at the program before going any further with
that proposal.

see shy jo

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