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Re: An 'ae' testimony

On Sun, May 23, 1999 at 10:10:56AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> it's more that
> when you're in a hurry trying to fix some system that has gone down you
> don't have time to mess around learning some stupid editor which doesn't
> do any of the things you need it to do.
> being restricted to a primitive editor after you have become
> proficient with vi is akin to re-learning how to talk after having a
> stroke...you've lost some really fundamental ability which you take
> for granted. when you know vi you don't need to remember the commands,
> you just think about what changes you want to make and (metaphorically
> speaking) your fingers do the rest. having to use a primitive editor
> reduces you to hunt-and-peck typing and having to think about each
> individual keystroke.

Well, what can the bootdisk makers say about that, but - who cares?!
I use joe all the time, but I do not complain that the boot disk doesn't
contain it, and that I am "restricted to a primitive editor" and I have
to "think about each individual keystroke" etc etc...

You have to have a broader view (is that the expression?) in this case,
since it is not only yours boot disk, but everyone elses.

If you want all of the stuff you commonly use on the boot disk, modify
it yourself. Simple :)

enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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