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Re: apt-get install wordperfect?

>> There use to be a star office isntaller deb and a netscape installer deb.
>> they required you download the tars from the vendors, but once you did,
>> they would install them for you.  Maybe this functionality could be
>> abstracted, and a vnedor need only fill in a few fields?  Just thoughts :)

> And they could be modified to automatically download the needed files.

It could be an addition to the control-files, so that apt knows that
an external file is depended on, that can be downloaded from this and
that url.  That way, it will be more automated than if it gets in the
postinst or something.  The install-script version requires you
asking for the program twice, sort of.. or that you are still
connected to the net while the packages are being installed.  The
size-information should include the external package needed...

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