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Re: An 'ae' testimony (suggestion)

Quoting Sven LUTHER (luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr):
> Will try at home, if it works fine, i could package it.
> Do you have any idea about the license of this stuff ?
> there seem to be no mention of it in the sources.
Sorry, no.
You will have to ask the author for it.
I looked into the sources a bit, and i think it needs a lot of
polishing (it's pre ANSI, and full of #ifdefs for Amiga/Atari ST...) 
Try to compile it with 'gcc -O -Wall' - that is fun!
When i have some time left, perhaps i hack a bit into it.

On my linux box the executable's size is 36952 Bytes (striped)
compiler was egcs-1.1.2.

With friendly wishes,

esa$ gcc -Wall -o ariane ariane5.c
ariane5.c: 666: warning: long float implicitly truncated to unsigned type
esa$ ariane5

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