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Re: Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport)

Le 1999-05-30, Edward Betts écrivait :

> > Although the problem is still present in bash, it should be noted
> > that bug has integrated a workaround (as of 3.1.8).
> Does that mean the bug can be closed, or should it just have its severity
> reduced from important?

I do not think the bug on bash should be closed or have its priority
reduced, but the bugs on bug for that problem can be closed.

> This was discuses in the bug report log. It was felt that there might be
> problems if alternatives failed, ending up with no /bin/sh is pretty grave.

Well, as others pointed out you only have to use /bin/bash at this point;
if your system is so hosed that you have lost /etc, then having to
use the actual name of the shell is not your biggest trouble, imho.

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