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Re: An 'ae' testimony

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> On Sat, May 22, 1999 at 11:51:48AM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > As for the editor that should go on the boot floppies? I'll stay out of
> > that discussion, except: Should anyone come up with an editor
> > that emulates the old DOS "edit" program, and takes the same order of
> > space on the boot floppy as ae, I would be in favor of replacing ae with
> > that editor. (or one that fits the same space/function constraints)
> > Other than that I could honestly care less what editor is on the boot
> > floppies, I'm sure I will be able to use it ;-)
> You said above that ae keybinding can be edited. why not provide an optional
> /etc/aerc or whatever with said edit bindings ? or maybe i misunderstood some
> stuff.

This is what caused the probems with the vi mode (I provided an
alternative rc file).

The actual situation is that ae only does a small handfull of functions,
and it does them in a specific way (save file always prompts for the name
which some folks have objected to.). The fact that you can load a file,
add text, cut and paste text, and delete text, seems to fall short of the
"required" tools for fixing a broken system. Personally, I don't get it.

> Also is there a simple ans small help text on how to use ae that could go on
> the boot floppies also ?

ae, carries it's own help, and presents it at the first screen. Something
during the installation needs to indicate the name of the editor available
on the boot disk. I don't see any need for more than that.


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