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Re: (LONG) Correct non-US solution

On Mon, May 17, 1999 at 12:41:04AM -0700, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> For example,
> Package: ssh
> Export-Restricted: United States
> Import-Restricted: Russia, France
Can I suggest that we use ISO country codes instead?

> The user can do a `touch /etc/LEGAL` to make apt respect Import-Restricted.
It should be the other way around surely, otherwise Debian's default install
would be illegal. There's also the question of whether an official Debian
should provide tools for breaking the law.

> We add a file called "country" which contains the name of the country the
This would be useful for other reasons too - default languages, timezones
etc. could be guessed from this (as mentioned by someone else on this list).

There have been concerns about the mirroring implications raised, and there
may be some dependency problems that arise from packages suddenly
disappearing but this is an area worth consideration (IMHO)


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