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Re: apt-get install wordperfect?

On Wed, May 26, 1999 at 08:01:27PM -0500, Mark Mealman wrote:
> Is it possible for commercial software to make it into the Debian
> archives(presumably in non-free)?

I'd tend to agree with the feeling in the above (apt-able archives of
non-(DFSG)-free but (beer)-free are a Good Thing), but don't like the idea
of Debian doing it -- it just dosn't seem like your (Caveat empator: I am
not a debian-developer (yet)) place, and it almost certianly wasn't the idea
of the people donating server space/bandwidth to be hosting commercial
software.  Perhaps all we need to do is write a nice easy
commercial-software-packaging HOWTO, complete from writing a workable
package (which dosn't have to comply with debain policy, making it /really/
easy) to creating a nice place to put them with a Packages.gz.

Make it trivial for the commercial people to let their customers use apt's
slickness, and perhaps they will... and we certianly wouldn't mind.

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