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Re: An 'ae' testimony (suggestion)

Quoting Sven LUTHER (luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr):
> I downloaded and tried it.
> it compiled fine on my solaris box here at work, but it didn't work so fine (it
> was 110k before i striped it, 67k after. using only libc)
> i was able to open a new file, enter insert mode with i, type hello (it frooze
> some time between "hel" and "lo", and i was not able to save with ESC :wq. not
> even releasing the shell back to me, nor accepting ^c nor ^z, very strange.
> didn't try a lot more.
Strange, but it's the same here on our solaris boxes.
On Linux, it runs like a charm.
I am wondering, if it works on Linux-AXP, i'll try it at home.
(Perhaps, Solaris has different opinions about esc-sequences?)

Best wishes,

esa$ gcc -Wall -o ariane ariane5.c
ariane5.c: 666: warning: long float implicitly truncated to unsigned type
esa$ ariane5

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