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3c5x9setup and isapnptools

After my recent experience gettying my new 3COM EtherLink III cards to
work, I would like to suggest that 3c5x9setup be included in the
isapnptools package. It is composed of a single .c source file with an
embedded copyright notice licensing it under the GPL. I would be willing
to write a man page from the .html file provided, if Frederic Lepied would
be willing to include the two in the isapnptools package. I think this is
a better place for this than trying to build another package around this
simple program.

On a Linux machine the EtherLink III card will not function properly when
configured with isapnp, and must be taken out of pnp mode using
3c5x9setup. It seems only logical to have the tool for doing this included
with the other isapnp tools.

What do you think Frederic? Can we do this?

Waiting is,

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