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Re: An 'ae' testimony

>>"Craig" == Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

 Craig> you are also making the mistake of assuming that joe is in any
 Craig> way a standard tool. it is not. the only two text editors
 Craig> which can lay claim to being a standard part of any unix are
 Craig> ed and vi.

        Historical inertia is rarely a good argument. We are making a
 better system than unices used to be. Easier to use (which unices
 never were). 

 >> You have to have a broader view (is that the expression?) in this
 >> case, since it is not only yours boot disk, but everyone elses.

 Craig> i think it is you who needs the broader view. the world is not
 Craig> composed entirely of newbies seeking escape from
 Craig> dos/windows. in fact, it's fair to say that complete newbies
 Craig> aren't our target market, we make a high quality distribution
 Craig> perfectly suited to experienced unix users. even so, we
 Craig> support them by including a simple editor (ae) on the rescue
 Craig> disk...why should we do less for our target market?

        Our target market, for the most part, is smart, adaptive, and
  perfectly capable of living with ae  when they have to. Inflexible
  users of a primitive visual editor are not my concern.

 Craig> debian has been criticised in the past for failing to include
 Craig> vi on the rescue floppy. we copped a lot of flack for not
 Craig> having one as it is a tool which any experienced unix user can
 Craig> reasonably expect to find on a rescue floppy.....which is why
 Craig> we ended up with ae's vi emulation. it may not be real vi, but
 Craig> it's infinitely better than nothing.

        Actually, in the opinion of a lot of people, it is not better
  than nothing, it is worse. I tend to concur.

 >> If you want all of the stuff you commonly use on the boot disk, modify
 >> it yourself. Simple :)

 Craig> i don't want all the stuff i commonly use. i just want the bare minimum,
 Craig> and that includes a decent editor.

        That rules vi out, then.

 "It's the best thing since professional golfers on 'ludes." Rick
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