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Re: An 'ae' testimony

>>"Craig" == Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

 Craig> ae is an adequate minimal no-frills, no-features text editor.

        Bingo. That is what we absolutely need -- the rest of the
 features are what you just said -- frills.

 Craig> it's better than cat. it's even better than pico (which isn't
 Craig> hard). it's no substitute for vi.

        Opinions. Anything, IMHO, is better than vi ;-)

 >> > being restricted to a primitive editor after you have become
 >> > proficient with vi is akin to re-learning how to talk after having a
 >> > stroke..
 >> Ahem. vi non-primitive heh-heh-heh.

 Craig> yes, vi IS non-primitive.  do not mock what you fail to understand.

        Oh, I understand vi. I have been using it for 12 years now. I
 just find it incredibly primitive. We do seem to be trading opinions
 in this thread, so I just added mine. Or is it that only some people
 can flaunt their opinions, and dissenters can't? 

 >> Are vi users less capable, or more inflexible, than users of better
 >> editors? I think you are doing vi users a dissservice, labeling them
 >> so incapable and unadapting.

 Craig> no, vi users are not less capable or more inflexible (and there are
 Craig> no better editors -- emacs is not a text editor, it's a programmable
 Craig> editing environment. if you like that kind of thing then more power to
 Craig> you...but emacs is also no substitute for vi).

 Craig> i thought i explained it well enough. vi is the sort of tool that when
 Craig> you get good at it becomes like an extension of your thoughts - you
 Craig> don't have to consciously think about HOW to do something, you just
 Craig> think about WHAT you want to do and it happens.

        Yes. And in a full fledged system you should probably have
 access to this paragon of productivity. However, we are talking about
 impaired systems, where everyone has to settle for less. 

 Craig> this doesn't mean that vi users are less flexible or less
 Craig> capable.

        I seem to only hear them complaining. I used occams razor to
 decide what the reason could be.

 Craig> it means that trying to use some other less capable editor is like
 Craig> trying to edit with one hand tied behind your back and three fingers of
 Craig> your remaining hand chopped off. you can do so much more with vi that
 Craig> anything less is a major handicap.

        The same could be said of XEmacs. Unfortunately, this is an
 impaired system we are talking about. 

 Craig> i fail to see any further point in this thread. it's gone on way too
 Craig> long already. the fact is that vi is a basic unix tool which should
 Craig> be available....not providing it on the rescue disk when we can do so
 Craig> would be absurdly laughable if it weren't so outrageously blinkered and
 Craig> pedestrian.

        I see. 

 >> Anyway, every one knows that vi is primitive ;-)

 Craig> i expected better of you than pointless cheap shots like this. guess i
 Craig> was mistaken.

        I see that your cool has not been the sole victim of this
 thread. Your sense of humour has died too. (You do know what a smiley
 means, don't you?)

 who has not had a good editor war in years
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