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Re: Bug#37424: purging lynx deletes /etc/lynx even if lynx-ssl is there

reassign 37424 lynx

Francesco Potorti` writes:
 > Package: lynx-ssl
 > Version: 2.8.1-1
 > Severity: normal
 > I installed lynx-ssl, which removed lynx.  I then purged lynx, which
 > happily removed /etc/lynx.cfg, even if lynx-ssl was installed.

I investigated a little more here. It is a bug in the postinst of lynx

If you install lynx /etc/lynx.cfg is listed as a conffile for lynx. If
you then remove it and install lynx-ssl, the same /etc/lynx.cfg is
listed as a conffile for lynx-ssl. Normally, if you now purge lynx,
dpkg would not remove lynx.cfg because it is no longer registered as a
conffile for lynx, but lynx has a special postrm which removes
lynx.cfg on purge anyway. This should not be.

Therefore I reassign the bug to lynx.

I think there is also a bug in dpkg, because if different packages
register the same conffile, the last one will silently win and dpkg
will just overwrite the reference made my the first package.

Therefore I file a bug to dpkg


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