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This was not supposed to go out until Wichert got back and some details
were settled, but with all the talk about redoing dpkg, I felt it necessary
so that there weren't any duplication projects started and things didn't get

There is a project underway to build a new package manager. It is being
called DPKGv2, not simply because it wants to replace dpkg. This is aimed
at package management in general, and across distributions other than
Debian's. Yes, we hope it will replace the current package manager, as dpkg
will retire sooner or later.

Please do not ask for any details, please don't ask to help, please don't ask
for access to what we have so far (since the code is very little and really
there is nothing to even compile yet). All of this will come in due time and
as the project develops. The only reason for this pre-announcement is so we
don't get 7 projects started all with different views.

Do not worry, everyone will have a chance to view the code in an anonymous
CVS server (which is already setup). There will be ample documentation
and views on the current spec will be heard. Please consider this a semi
formal "Intent To Program" :)

We do have a detailed specification which needs to be finalized. This is
the milestone we have been waiting for prior to making a formal announcement.

Thanks for your patience,
  Ben Collins

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