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Re: An 'ae' testimony (suggestion)

On Wed, May 26, 1999 at 11:33:08AM +0200, Martin Kahlert wrote:
> Quoting Jules Bean (jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk):
> > OK.  We didn't really come to a consensus, be here's my what, IMO, best
> > summarises our opinions:
> > 
> > 1) If we don't have vi on the disks, we shouldn't pretend to.  So, the
> > vi-compatibility mode goes. (Has gone.)
> > 
> > 2) We choose between 'ae' and 'ee' on their merits.  At the moment, 'ae'
> > is in the ascendant.  If an 'ee' fan creates a version of 'ee' which
> > fits on the floppies, and is sufficiently functional, maybe that'll be
> > OK.  Any other editor is also a candidate here, but we have space
> > problems.
> I found a very small vi-clone named levee on
> http://www.pell.portland.or.us/~orc/Code
> its exefile is 36K. Would that be small enough?

I downloaded and tried it.

it compiled fine on my solaris box here at work, but it didn't work so fine (it
was 110k before i striped it, 67k after. using only libc)

i was able to open a new file, enter insert mode with i, type hello (it frooze
some time between "hel" and "lo", and i was not able to save with ESC :wq. not
even releasing the shell back to me, nor accepting ^c nor ^z, very strange.

didn't try a lot more.



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