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Re: Installer Can Not Find Root Is it possible to have temperature and fan speed readings on modern hardware? KVM PCI Passthrough NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti error code 43 Last order, 11/15/17. You forced an order for sunglasses with my order for free watch after completing your survey. I need to cancel the postage and order for the sunglasses. Thank you. Let's do it libapache2-mod-speedycgi debian jessie Re: looking for a file format for time series data other software can easily consume Re: MC (was: Rsync) Re: Missing KDE "Switch user" command in Stretch Missing pyuic5, pyrcc5 and pylupdate5 from python3-pyqt5 (was Re: Missing qt5-designer in Stretch) Missing qt5-designer in Stretch mount.cifs not working anymore muhammad amza Re: My Problem with Stretch - thin mosquito-like noise from HDD partition mysqldump from mysql 5.1.73 to mariadb 10.1.26 imports no data Nagios in Stretch? need a video function in wheezy need help on VPN Need Help restoring a filesystem on an external drive WD 'My Book' New bug for i965/960M New Motherboard installation question NFS client and untrusted server No KODI for buster? No Sound Re: No Sound - Puzzle Re: No Sound - Puzzle - Losing Ground Re: Not really OffTopic Not really OffTopic - was {Re: Fedora has a boot option that forces the installer to recognize a drive as GPT, can this be added to Ubiquity/Debian?} Re: off topic: uptime question Online list of messages to debian-user is down ? Re: open on nfs server -> resource temporarily unavailable Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close Re: OT plain text missing from web mail (was: Installer Can Not Find Root" overcoming known kernel bug Re: ow to enable trim for an external encrypted SSD? Re: p laptop with stretch/xfce: screen blanks but won't "wake up" Play On Linux, Wine, & iTunes Potential bug in openmpi package? Power settings, turn screen back on Re: Re: Prevent apt/dpkg from automatically enabling services during the upgrade process. Problem with kernel compiling 4.12.13 Debian Stretch Pycollada doesn't import, even if it is installed. RAID 5 array with journal device does not automatically assemble at boot Reproducible bug rsync Rsync Re: Scanner Compatibility question Screensaver/lock xfce debian The Second OS won't run from GRUB Seems i broke my debian :c help me please Sluggish internet connection software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc. Sound with Intel Baytrail device (Lenovo Ideapad 100S) SSHFP Record mismatch standards for post-installation scripts Strange message Re: Stretch : mount Jessie encrypted HDD via USB sudo Sync two disks and hot swap Talking about RAID - disks with same id TEA: Hefty Graphical Text Editor Thinkpadt60p/Stretch 9.2 Start up error Thunderbird no longer opens links Re: two graphics cards and two monitors Unidentified subject! unsure how to track down kernel stack traces in debian 9.2 on vmware ESXi Upgrading from very-old Debian upper limit size for loopback storage Re: USB camera; Use the Intel and Nvidia GPU at the same time VirtualBox: shared folder broken ? Volume control Wanted - a Debian handheld Wanted - a Debian SOHO NAS Weird Konqueror issue what package to edit colors? where is gmplayer in jessie where to bugreport a possible filesystem problem Re: Why does resolv.conf keep changing? why is my debian automatically doing apt updates? Wild cursor, was Re: OT plain text missing from web mail Xsession.d ssh-agent Re: ~ Handhelds that conviently run Debian The last update was on 06:39 GMT Mon Jun 24. There are 964 messages. Page 2 of 2.

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