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Re: mysqldump from mysql 5.1.73 to mariadb 10.1.26 imports no data

On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 11:23:37AM +0200, Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> Mark Fletcher kirjoitti 11.11.2017 klo 08:44:
> > 
> > I'm not sure I'd expect that much newer a mysqldump client to work on 
> > that much older a server. And the mysql - mariadb divide won't be 
> > helping either (although it also may not be hindering much)
> > 
> I did expect that to work.

I understand that you did expect it to. But I don't think you SHOULD 
expect it to. Otherwise the mysql / mariadb developers would never be 
able to change anything.

Expecting users to use the right horse for the right course doesn't seem 
completely unreasonable to me.

> I have now examined more. The command returns exit code 2, which
> indicates Not Found. But the error text does not show in Standard Error.
> When I changed the password I do get
> mysqldump: Got error: 1045: "Access denied for user ...
> It does seem to me there is some bug here. If I fail to check the exit
> code there is no indication someting is wrong.

Good luck getting developers to care, given the use case.

> > Isn't it an option to use the old version's mysqldump command to dump to 
> > a compressed file, by doing on the server something like:
> > 
> There are other ways to transfer the database from host to host. If the
> above command would work, that is the easiest because I have a script
> that generates the dump commands. Now I have to change the script to do
> this some other way.

Presumably you aren't going to do this very often? Do you really need a 
script for a one-off operation? (I am assuming a transfer from old 
version to new is a one-off -- the fact you are trying to cross a 
version gap suggests you don't do this every day)

Anyway you know your environment better than I do, just a thought.


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