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Re: software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc.

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On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 11:37:30PM +0100, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> Is there a piece of software that works like
> gnuplot or pic/troff were you feed the program
> a script with instructions and data and then
> the program generates the drawing? That would
> be simpler and more to the point as I'm not
> designing anything, I'm just want a computer
> representation of what already is.

The more I read your musings the more I think you
are looking for OpenSCAD.

Here is a snippet out of some random .scad file,
the things OpenSCAD stores its data in:

  module strip(startpoint=[0, 0, 0]) {
      difference() {
        cube([60, 10, 520]);
        translate([30, -50, 45])
          rotate([-90, 0, 0])
            cylinder($fn = 100, h = 100, r = 10.25, center = false);
        translate([30, -50, 470])
          rotate([-90, 0, 0])
            cylinder($fn = 100, h = 100, r = 10.25, center = false)

OK, OK, it's not Lisp, but close :)

I haven't used it much (I haven't used any CAD much), but as far
as I have seen, you can freely alternate clicking-and-dragging
and typing functions in this kind of functional-y language.

There even seem to be (complete? incomplete? dunno) Emacs modes
for that thing. Let us know :-)

One data point more.

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