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Re: two graphics cards and two monitors

On Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 at 05:15, Felix Miata wrote:
> Eric S Fraga composed on 2017-11-03 14:22 (UTC):
>> I am trying to get a similar system configure with Debian testing/buster
>> and not getting anywhere beyond having two monitors on a single card
>> recognised. 

Hello Felix,

thanks for your response.  I will try some of your suggestions
later.  Some are not possible or I wish to put off trying due to (a)
logistics (distance between display and computer, cabling restrictions)
and (b) requiring IT support to access hardware...

Some specific responses:

> Is this a first try (has this ever worked before trying with Buster)?

This particular configuration has never been tried before as it's a new
computer so the Quadro K620 graphics card is new.  However, my previous
system which this replaces had two Dell 24" monitors attached to the
graphics card that came with that previous computer along with the
GeForce 210 connected via HDMI to my 60" display.  But that system used
the nvidia proprietary driver, not nouveau.

I am trying to resist using the nvidia driver but that will very likely
be my next port of call...

> To be clear, both are PCIe cards, neither is onboard or integrated in the CPU
> package?

Separate cards.

> 4-Can you get output on two displays if you remove the Quadro (IOW, will the
> GeForce work at all)?

As noted above, the GeForce has worked just fine before but with nvidia
driver, not nouveau.  There are two displays attached to the Quadro and
only one to the GeForce.

Thanks again,

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