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Re: need a video function in wheezy

On 11/17/17 09:56, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Friday 17 November 2017 10:49:20 David Christensen wrote:
Have you searched through the releases of Wheezy to see if any have
the specific version of the library you need?  If found, air-wall the
machine, put in a new system drive, install that release, install the
software, get it working, and never update.

That is not how my network is configured.  The app is itself under
continuous development, with an average of 2 updates a week.

I guess air-walling really isn't necessary -- the key idea was to get it working and then don't break it by updating anything.

But if you're updating with developer releases bi-weekly, then the fallback idea would be to use and track whatever distribution the developers are using. STFW I found http://linuxcnc.org/ , dug around briefly, and saw mention of Ubuntu, but not the level of detail needed to carry through this idea. I also saw the Debian-live based release, so I dunno...

Otherwise, it's a matter of finding the software maintainer and
convincing them to bring the software up to date.

That is beginning to sound like a worthwhile effort. But difficult when
the names are all thats available in the README. Which I'll quote from
here in case the publicity helps.

"Many Thanks from  Jacob Bogenschutz (bogie6040)  to the following:

Norbert Schechner (newbynobi)
Fernand Veilleux (FernV)
Slavko Kocjancic (eslavko)

They deserve all the credit, I just tweeked on they're stuff and put it

Just in case one of them is reading this list.. :)

Have you tried these resources?





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