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Thunderbird no longer opens links

Hi, since a few days, hyperlink no longer works in my Thunderbird. When I click a hyperlink in a message, Chromium (my system's default web browser) should open and display the link. This has been working fine for long, but now it no longer happens.

I checked everything that's pointed out in a Mozilla Support web page [1], but didn't find what's causing the issue:

- I checked that the operating system's default browser is specified. From KDE Plasma System Settings -> Applications -> Web Browser, I see that chromium is specified.

- I checked that no application is specified for the HTTP / HTTPS content type. In Thunderbird -> Edit -> Preferences -> Attachments -> Incoming I had two actions, one for HTTP the other for HTTPS, both pointing chromium. I tried and deleted both. When I clicked on a hyperlink in a message, a popup asked for an applications to open it, I chose chromium flagging the remember checkbox, and the action for HTTP content type was recreated, but the link did not open.

- I checked for an incorrect preference like network.protocol-handler.external-default or any other preference beginning with network.protocol-handler.warn-external, but I have no such preference.

- I checked for interference from an extension, running Thunderbird in Thunderbird Safe Mode, but the problem persisted.

The only other suspect I have is apparmor, which was installed in a recent security update. But can this be the reason?

Thanks & Regards!

[1] https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Hyperlinks-in-Messages-Not-Working

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