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Re: Play On Linux, Wine, & iTunes

Hello my Linux friends!!

Salut, Josh W.

I have installed wine and all of its dependencies/recomendeds for
wine, Play On Linux and am trying to install iTunes on my Debian
stretch system

This reminds me of a story, but this is neither the time nor the

i just cannot find anything that is truly helpful....

You appear to be accessorising your Volvo with a mixture of Cadillac
and Buick interior fixtures.

I do not mean to suggest that you should not do so. You should do you,
by all means.

"Be yourself", as they say, helpfully. (But where is the HOWTO?)

I only have Winetricks in my application menu and have tried several
way of installing iTunes... If somebody could point me in the right
direction that would be AWESOME! Thank You.

There is a package called rhythmbox that you might want to examine, to
see if it fits your needs. I have not used it in many many years, and
it was never my cup of tea, but IIRC it is a media player which
resembles a GNOME analogue of iTunes.

Good luck with your project.


1. Once upon a time (a decade ago) my sole personal computing device
was an iMac running OS X.

I began to entertain myself with philosophical conundrums, like
whether iTunes was

  i. a snitch with an ostentatious media-player tacked on,

or whether it were instead

  ii. an ostentatious media-player with a snitch grafted onto it.

Eventually I forsook philosophy and decided to do something nice for
myself, for a change. I launched a savage guerilla campaign,
committing a series of acts of targeted sabotage and insurrectionary
vandalism upon my local iTunes instance.

That is what I did for Science, for Man, and for all that is Holy.

But for myself, as I was saying, I installed VLC.

Thus began a long and fruitful relationship that has continued to this

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