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Re: software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc.

Emanuel Berg wrote:

>> Is there a piece of software that works
>> like gnuplot or pic/troff were you feed 
>> the program a script with instructions and data
>> and then the program generates the drawing?
>> .... 

   You might look at the Graphics Layout Engine 
   available under debian stretch .... 

     $ aot show gle-graphics

   GLE is a graphics scripting language designed 
   for creating publication quality figures 
   such as charts, plots, graphs, and diagrams. 

   It supports various chart types (including function plot, 
   histogram, bar chart, scatter plot, contour plot, color map, 
   and surface plot) through a simple but flexible set 
   of graphing commands ; 

   more complex output can be created by relying on i
   ts scripting language, which is full featured
   with subroutines, variables, and logic control.
   Graphics Layout Engine - Home

   Graphics Layout Engine - Examples

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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