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Re: Missing KDE "Switch user" command in Stretch

On 29/10/17 19:50, Eike Lantzsch wrote:
> KDE on Stretch here.
> But sorry can't help. My KDE-leave dialog still has "switch user" on Stretch. 
> I used testing until shortly before the release of Stretch. I changed 
> "testing" to "stretch" in the souces.list to stay with Stable for a while. 
> That way I didn't do a real update.
> But I remember that I had to revert to another theme at some time during my 
> use of testing, because SDDM lost some functionality on the way. Maybe you 
> like to check that out too.
> here ->
> Look and Feel: Breeze
> Desktop theme: Air
> Splash screen: Oxygen
> Login Screen (SDDM): Breeze

Thank you for confirming that the command is supposed to be there and
therefore there must be something wrong with my configuration. Unfortunately
changing the theme doesn't seem to make any difference.


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