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Re: Re: Reproducible bug

Laurent Lyaudet wrote:

>> >> My install is up-to-date with latest security updates (that's the
>> >> first thing I do anytime I start my laptop).

There is a rule: "never touch a running system" which means if something
works let it work. through your process you are exposed to bugs without a
way back. this is just an advise to review the process

I don't use Gnome, because gtk with the concept behind caused a lot of
trouble long time ago and could not convince me that it will ever get
better so I can't help much. But ... there should be logging facility and
you need perhaps to enable something somewhere to see where it is coming
from or what is happening when the problem appears.

I usually look first in ~/.xsession-errors

someone else perhaps could help on where and how to debug gtk/gnome

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