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Reproducible bug


I found a reproducible bug in latest stable Debian on my laptop.
My install is up-to-date with latest security updates (that's the first thing I do anytime I start my laptop).
I'm using Gnome.

Steps to reproduce on my laptop:
 - activate the wifi with upper right screen controls
 - repeatedly click on "Activities" in the upper left corner to show the quick launch bar and click below to hide it. After a few seconds after the network connection is set, the click on Activities no longer works. After one minute, it starts working again.

Note that if I don't activate the wifi, then I can repeatedly click on "Activities" without triggering the bug.

When I first installed the latest stable Debian on my laptop, I did not encounter this bug.
I suppose it is a bug with Gnome but I'm not sure, that's why I'm here.
I wonder why it started happening a few weeks ago.
I think there was the update to X and I also had a crash of Firefox at its startup because of some recently opened webpage.
Hence I don't know if it's a regression or a malware that causes this. (Yes I'm a bit paranoïd but unfortunately, when I was using Ubuntu, before I switched back to Debian, I have been hacked and lost some files :( .)

Thank you for the help, best regards,
   Laurent Lyaudet

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