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RE: Upgrading from very-old Debian

>>The last few steps of this are straightforward; oldoldstable is still 
>>available in the repos, as far as I'm aware. The first ones are more of 
>>a problem; if I understand matters correctly, anything prior to 
>>oldoldstable is removed from the live repos, although its .deb files 
>>are still maintained on e.g. snapshot.debian.org. (Which doesn't really 
>>suffice for the equivalent of a dist-upgrade, because you'd have to 
>>manually download all the correct .debs by hand and then install them 
>>with dpkg.)
>Use archive.debian.org instead of ftp.debian.org or whatever for very old releases.
>Mike Stone

Is there an absolute requirement to do many upgrades that could take a day or better? Almost seems start on a new system and migrate the data over... 

I'm pretty new to the Debian list here but over on the CentOS list I'm on, migrating from init system to systemd isn't for the faint of heart as I understand it.

For what that is worth...


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