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Re: No Sound - Puzzle - Losing Ground

It may help if you do rm -fr .config/pulseaudio in your user directory and also in your root directory then reboot your system. This operation should force pulseaudio into a known state which for it will be unknown and pulseaudio would then have to go and do device detection with a clean slate (no preconcieved notions) of what's on your system. At this point you may find it useful to subscribe to pulseaudio-discuss@freedesktop.org if this operation gets you no help. One thing to try before erasing pulseaudio configuration from your system's accounts is running the speakertest command in all accounts then repeat the speakertest once pulseaudio command starts up after you reboot or maybe better yet power down then restart your system. For my equipment, pulseaudio has to be working at all times otherwise no screen reader will speak and the computers on this end become paperweights and I have had problems with pulseaudio in the past too.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2017, Thomas George wrote:

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:41:05
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Subject: Re: No Sound - Puzzle - Losing Ground
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Ok, my mistake, I thought MM meant click on M to mute

That corrected but now no sound even from the onboard soundcard.

Everything looks like it should work. Pulseaudio volume control/Output Devices shows three devices: HDMI, the DSX sound care with port headphones and the Built-in Audio Analoy Stereo with port Line Out. It knows when the Line Out is plugged? in.

The Pulseaudio volume control/Playback only shows Alsa plug-in[ogg123]: ALSA Playback on xxxxx where xxxxx is one of the output devices. Clicking on xxxxx shows the three devices and allows an one to be selected. Below this is a line with a slider to set the volume and below this an audio strength signal. These two lines are the same regardless of the device selection and regardless of the device selection the volume slider will change the volume of the audio strength signal. The alsamixer volume setting have no effect on the audio strength signal.

In short alsamixer device selection and volume settings have no effect on the audio signal strength shown in pulseaudio volume control.

pulseaudio volume control works the same regardless of device selection.

There is no sound from the connected speakers.

On 11/17/2017 04:17 PM, deloptes wrote:
 davidson wrote:

 That is muted. MM is mute.
 but OP said he unmuted it in the next statement


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