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Re: Reproducible bug

>On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 08:19:11PM +0100, Laurent Lyaudet wrote:
>>    Hello,
>>    I found a reproducible bug in latest stable Debian on my laptop.
>>    My install is up-to-date with latest security updates (that's the first
>>    thing I do anytime I start my laptop).
>>    I'm using Gnome.
>>    Steps to reproduce on my laptop:
>>     - activate the wifi with upper right screen controls
>>     - repeatedly click on "Activities" in the upper left corner to show the
>>    quick launch bar and click below to hide it. After a few seconds after the
>>    network connection is set, the click on Activities no longer works. After
>>    one minute, it starts working again.
>>    Note that if I don't activate the wifi, then I can repeatedly click on
>>    "Activities" without triggering the bug.
>This sounds like some sort of network-related time out.  Do you have
>LDAP authentication, Kerberos, Samba, NFS automounts, etc.?  Does it
<always happen regardless of what wireless network you connect to?  Could
<it be the DNS configuration, whether that is the configuration pushed by
>the network's DHCP server or an override configuration you are using?

Hello Roberto,

Thanks for the response.
I have nothing of LDAP authentication, Kerberos, Samba, NFS, etc.

I'm using my laptop only at home with the box of my ISP.
I changed nothing with the box for years. 
When I fresh installed Debian Stretch, the only thing I did was choosing the wifi of my box with gnome interface and entering the password for it.
Hence I assume it is using DHCP.
I have no override configuration or anything complicated.

Basically, I just use Firefox with my laptop. Sometimes I code C or PHP stuff or compile latex file but that's it.
I will take my laptop at work, tomorrow, and try to connect to the wifi network there if you think it might help finding the cause.

Thanks, best regards,

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