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Re: Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close

On Tue, 7 Nov 2017, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

On 11/07/2017 01:50 PM, Will Mengarini wrote:
* Stephen P Molnar <s.molnar@sbcglobal.net> [17-11/07=Tu 07:20 -0500]:
I am running Firefox ESR 52.4.0 (64 bit) on my [up-to-date
Stretch platform.  When] I attempt opening Intellicast,
either with Speeddial or tying the URL, Firefox crashes.

This just started happening yesterday
and there are no warnings or errors.

[snipped lots of (well-deserved) web 2.0 hate]

I appreciate the replies.

I'm probably going to have to change browsers, although I like the way the Firefox handles Speeddial.

It is my understanding that fancy package management tools that I
don't use myself (like aptitude, synaptic, etc) can search for
packages that Provide 'www-browser', or for packages with Tag
'web::browser'.  Maybe somebody familiar with such fancy tools can
chime in and explain how to do this.

Myself, I search for web browser packages like so:

 $ apt-cache search web browser | grep -i 'web.*browser'

On stretch, main repo only, this returns about 60-odd results with
lots of false positives.

Out of those results, these are packaged web browsers in stretch main
that I can recall using and not hating:

uzbl (NB: see /usr/share/doc/uzbl/keybindings.html)
conkeror (haven't used this one since wheezy.)
konqueror (it's been ages since I used it.)
lynx (no interpretation of javascript; this has both pros and cons)

And here are the rest, as far as I can tell:

chromium (duh. included for completeness)
firefox-esr (OP wants something else; included for completeness)
iceweasel (duh. included for completeness)
netsurf, netsurf-fb, netsurf-gtk
hv3 (due to a missing library in debian it lacks javascript support)

Good luck.

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