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Re: Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close

On Tue, 07 Nov 2017 07:20:28 -0500
"Stephen P. Molnar" <s.molnar@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I am running Firefox ESR 52.4.0 (64 bit) on my uptodate Stechch 
> platformwhen I attempt opening Intellicast, either with Speeddial or 
> tying the URL Firefox crashes.
> This just started happening yesterday and there are no warnings or
> errors.
> Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Not from that site, but if I call up by bank's login page, the tab
crashes. This began about six months ago, and I put it down to the
insane level of scripting that some web designers seem to need. It is
52.4.0/64bit on Sid, also kept up to date. I use NoScript, but even
with all scripts enabled, it still crashes.

Konqueror opens that page without crashing, but fails to actually enter
login details. Midori did work, but stopped a couple of weeks ago.

I actually have upstream FF56 separately installed, which works on that
page, but that doesn't have a working 'back' button, so I use it only
for the bank site. I have the impression that website/browser
capabilities are now far beyond being deterministic or even vaguely


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