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Re: Screensaver/lock xfce debian

On Wed 29 Nov 2017 at 13:59:34 (+0100), Basti wrote:
> Hello people,
> I have a problem with the screensaver/lock screen function in debian.
> The problem is, when I lock the screen (hotkey or over the menu), then
> the system stops every process and wifi connection (by deactivating the
> wifi). This is quite annoying, because I want to lock the screen for
> protection, without stopping processes like compiling programs. I do not
> find any setting, where I can modifiy this behaviour, even by searching
> in the internet. I also do not want to install a screensaver, like
> xscreensaver now, because this is only a ignoring of the problem. Can
> somebody help me?

I use vlock -a in a VC to lock all the consoles. I've been using
it for years so I hadn't noticed the -n switch that allows you to
run it in X (with switching to a VC first).

You can still ssh into, and scp to, the machine while it's locked.
AFAICT Debian's versions allow unlocking with the root password as
well as the user's, which is handy if you forget which username
you were logged in under when you vlock'd it.


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