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Re: Stretch : mount Jessie encrypted HDD via USB

David Wright wrote:

> And one query while we're on the topic. Obviously
> umount is necessary and will be noticed later if
> it's not performed. However, what about vgchange -an
> and locking? AFAICT failing to lock has no later
> consequences for the device itself.

I don't know what you mean, but I like the proper closing of the lvm before 
cryptsetup closes the partition. Indeed vgchange -an ist just hiding the lvm 
from the kernel, but anyway.

Thanks for the udisksctl. It looks interesting - I never heard of it until 
now. It seems

$ udisksctl help
  udisksctl COMMAND

  help            Shows this information
  info            Shows information about an object
  dump            Shows information about all objects
  status          Shows high-level status
  monitor         Monitor changes to objects
  mount           Mount a filesystem
  unmount         Unmount a filesystem
  unlock          Unlock an encrypted device
  lock            Lock an encrypted device
  loop-setup      Set-up a loop device
  loop-delete     Delete a loop device
  power-off       Safely power off a drive
  smart-simulate  Set SMART data for a drive

Use "udisksctl COMMAND --help" to get help on each command.

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