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Re: Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close

On Wed, 2017-11-08 at 19:59 +0000, davidson wrote:
> chromium (duh. included for completeness)
> dillo
> edbrowse
> firefox-esr (OP wants something else; included for completeness)
> iceweasel (duh. included for completeness)
> links
> links2
> luakit
> midori
> netsurf, netsurf-fb, netsurf-gtk
> hv3 (due to a missing library in debian it lacks javascript support)
> xombrero

There is probably also still a text-based browser called elinks,
although I haven't tried using it in over two years. I used to use it
for simple stuff when working from Debian 6 with no graphics (server
mode). elinks was better than lynx, but it wouldn't run much in the way
of javascript or anything fancy. It was great for browsing most kinds
of software documentation presented as html. It was also good for
logging in to public wi-fi, where they have you to agree to a usage
policy before letting you go online.

There is also QupZilla available on Debian 9, but I've never used it.

Don't forget about Opera. They have a .deb file of their latest
browser, which can be downloaded from opera.com, but I can't get it to
install when I try installing it on Debian 9 (64-bit). I get some
complaint about the package not being a proper package. I have run
Opera on Fedora 24 in the recent past, with no problems.

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