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Re: Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close

* Stephen P Molnar <s.molnar@sbcglobal.net> [17-11/08=We 07:25 -0500]:
> I downloaded and compiled the src from The Seamonkey Project.
> [...] The browser still crashed when loading www,distrowatch.com!!!

When I try to access distrowatch.com with a very old Firefox,
using NoScript, I always get 403 Forbidden with no other message.

However, Stretch versions of text browsers
Lynx, w3m, and elinks have no problem.

(I don't have a graphics-enabled Stretch working yet -
hardware issues - so I can't try the latest graphical browsers.)

(1) So it's possible distrowatch.com is weird in some way that Seamonkey
    can't handle.  If you're getting crashes on many other web sites,
    especially if they're intermittent, you might want to consider
    incipient hardware failure as a differential diagnosis.

    I'd expect incipient hardware failure to cause glitches more frequently
    when you're using a graphical system than when doing text-mode work.

(2) A better possibility is that it's an SSL issue.  Running strace
    to find where the crash occurs could localize that.  Identifying
    your SSL library and possibly upgrading or changing it could help.

(3) Lynx compiled on a Gentoo system used to crash often because
    of a problem with the default CFLAGS setting.  Check that
    your CFLAGS are conservative; you're looking for reliability,
    not speed.  Also, conservative CFLAGS (disabling most
    optimizations) might make debugging output more meaningful.

> Compiling the src reminded me of years ago when I used to compile the
> Linux kernel - an agonizingly long procedure, but it finally finished.

I find it helps to keep reminding myself that computers save time.

                 Will Mengarini  <seldon@eskimo.com>
         Free software: the Source will be with you, always.
              "techtonic stress"  -- Unix fortune cookie

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