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Re: Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close

* Stephen P Molnar <s.molnar@sbcglobal.net> [17-11/07=Tu 07:20 -0500]:
>> I am running Firefox ESR 52.4.0 (64 bit) on my [up-to-date
>> Stretch platform.  When] I attempt opening Intellicast,
>> either with Speeddial or tying the URL, Firefox crashes.
>> This just started happening yesterday
>> and there are no warnings or errors.

* Joe <joe@jretrading.com> [17-11/07=Tu 16:03 +0000]:
> Not from that site, but if I call up my bank's login page, the tab
> crashes.  This began about six months ago, and I put it down to
> [emphasis added].  It is 52.4.0/64bit on Sid, also kept up to date.
> I use NoScript, but even with all scripts enabled, it still crashes.
> Konqueror opens that page without crashing, but
> fails to actually enter login details.  Midori
> did work, but stopped a couple of weeks ago.
> I actually have upstream FF56 separately installed, which
> works on that page, but that doesn't have a working
> 'back' button, so I use it only for the bank site.

We're reaching a point where legislative intervention would be
justified.  None of this scripting benefits users; it doesn't
even benefit the companies purveying the services.  Instead,
it benefits the marketroids that have made a livelihood out of
persuading PHBs that what they do benefits their employers.

HTML 1.0 can do everything we need from a bank site.
It doesn't even need graphics, let alone scripting.

But it does need security, which both scripting and graphics compromise.

I'm not aware of any bank wise enough to offer an
HTML 1.0 interface that can be browsed by Lynx.

> I have the impression that website/browser capabilities are
> now far beyond being deterministic or even vaguely testable.

When the heavy hand of government is starting to look preferable
to market forces, we're in truly-late-stage capitalism.

(1) I am not a crook.
(2) America does not torture.
(3) Don't be evil.

                 Will Mengarini  <seldon@eskimo.com>
         Free software: the Source will be with you, always.

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