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Re: where to bugreport a possible filesystem problem

I tried with newer kernel from backports as you suggested - also installed the fresh firmware packages too - no change.  Weird...

Anyway I report back for linux-image package perhaps.

Thank you Sven!

2017-11-12 20:19 keltezéssel, Sven Hartge írta:
Papp Rudolf Péter <peer@peer.hu> wrote:

The problem is if I write a file to the mounted ocfs2 fs then add
extended attributes to it after this if I try to read back it is doesn't
show any change until read the same file attributes from the other node.
After if I go back to the original I get the correct values. But why I
need to go to the othet node?
So could someone please write me where the exact list / bugreport
where I can send this question beside this list?
Filesystems problems are (in most cases) Kernel problems, so the best
package to report this against is the kernel package you are
experiencing that problem with.

Also: have you tried with a newer kernel, for example from backports?
Maybe the problem is fixed there. Then you could add this as an
additional data point into your bug report.


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